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Shadow Complex Remastered Developer Chat


In 2009, Utah-based Chair Entertainment released Shadow Complex for the Xbox 360, and a diversion quick became one of a many renouned and dear titles on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service. Last month, executive Donald Mustard and his group brought a diversion to a whole new era of players (and Xbox hardware) in Shadow Complex Remastered, an refurbish that included improved graphics, new gameplay options, and more. Now, a studio is looking to mangle some-more belligerent with its side-scrolling movement scrutiny title, as not usually will Remastered be attack Steam and other Windows services on May 3rd, nonetheless it’ll also be rising for a PlayStation 4—the initial time it’s arrived for a Sony platform.

In respect of Shadow Complex Remastered‘s wider release, we had a possibility to lay down and discuss with Mr. Mustard, who is not usually a game’s director, nonetheless also a co-founder and artistic executive of Chair.

EGM: So, before we started recording, we were articulate about comparison Epic games, and we used to be a outrageous Unreal Tournament player.

Donald Mustard: So tell me, as a behind in a day player, if we had to distill your memories and what we desired about Unreal Tournament down to like a judgment or two, what to we was a core of UT?

EGM: The thing for me, given we was always a Mac person—

Mustard: You meant when we were flourishing up?

EGM: Mac Plus was my initial computer, yeah.

Mustard: Gotcha.

EGM: We got unequivocally few games, so we never got hardcore into a PC gaming side of things. And we think, for me, Unreal Tournament was a initial time we played a first-person shooter where there was a group aspect to it. You had Doom or Quake or whatnot, and those were fun in a “I’m usually going to go in and kill everybody that’s there” way, nonetheless as my gaming tastes matured, we became proceed some-more of a Team Deathmatch actor instead of a Deathmatch player. we like that group aspect. And there we’d be, regulating Capture The Flag in Facing Worlds, where we could kinda hang out and be a sniper and concentration on fortifying a dwindle while my teammates were going to get a other team’s flag.

Mustard: You could indeed kind of play a role, right?

EGM: Yeah, we cruise what we usually said, it was a “playing a role” aspect. I’ve found that personification a purpose is my favorite thing, that’s given in MMORPGs I’ll be a healer. Or even when we play a diversion like The Last Of Us, that has that kind of online component, I’ll spec my impression to be a healer as well, so that we can kind of play that role, contra usually being a foolish chairman who’s sharpened people, and that’s a entirety of a game.

Mustard: Got it.


EGM: So we think, for me, Unreal Tournament was one of a large initial practice for removing to feel that “I’m partial of a team” feeling contra usually doing a sole wolf thing.

Mustard: That’s interesting, that’s awesome. we cruise that’s funny, given I’m a large UT guy, even before we were partial of Epic Games. we can remember when we was initial starting out in a diversion industry, like 1999-2000, around when Unreal Tournament came out, and some of a guys and some of a group members that eventually became partial of Chair, we had this early pursuit in a industry. Every day, we would get to work during 6AM so we could play UT from 6 until 8 in a morning. And it was funny, given we’d do a same as you, given it was one of a usually games out there where we could specialize a small bit. You could be like, “No, I’m gonna do this, we do this.” We were personification in a same office, and it was an extraordinary teamwork commune kind of thing.

EGM: we got my start during GameFan magazine—

Mustard: Oh, we did?

EGM: Yeah, and during a finish of a day, it was around when we cruise Quake came out, and everybody during 5 o’clock would usually tighten down, and a whole bureau would usually turn this kind of like Quake LAN celebration each singular day, and we was unconvinced of a suspicion of regulating a keyboard and rodent to play first-person shooters. Because we was a console chairman my whole life, so we was like, “that doesn’t make clarity to me.” But everybody was like, “you have to try this rodent and keyboard thing,” and I’d tell them, “that’s never gonna work, never gonna work.” Finally, though, we attempted it, and was like, “all right, there’s something to this.”

Mustard: Same with me, given we suspicion a mouse/keyboard can never be as good as a controller. Then we start personification rodent and you’re like, “oh my gosh, this is amazing.” But then, in a final integrate of years or so, first-person shooters have gotten flattering damn good with a controller. Do we have a preference?

EGM: Well, I’ve always stayed Mac.

Mustard: Even now, if we diversion on a computer, you’re some-more Mac?

EGM: This is such a girly thing to say, nonetheless we don’t wish that big, enormous supply with a neon lights and a red trim and things on it.

Mustard: I agree. we wish elegance, yea.

EGM: It’s always been like “Okay, if we wish a small Dell with a bamboo hang on it, it’s going to cost me another thousand dollars,” and so I’ll usually hang with my PlayStations and my Xboxes and things like that.

Mustard: Awesome. Sorry, I’m seeking all a questions.

EGM: You’re interviewing me. We’ll usually do it this way.

Mustard: Anyway.


EGM: No, so, we wish to ask you, given I’ve talked to a lot of developers over time, and there’s always been this “we’re finished with a game, a genius shifts to relocating on” situation. You hatred to contend you’re usually forgetful your prior work, nonetheless we have to do that during some turn because, mentally, we have to pierce on to a subsequent project. You can’t be stranded on what we did previously, unless it’s a services diversion or something similar. So, for we to come behind to Shadow Complex during this point, all these years later, what were your feelings in doing that? Was it something that we enjoyed, like observant an aged crony we haven’t seen for a prolonged time? Or was it uncanny to revisit a diversion again during this point?

Mustard: Yes. Yes to all of that. No, it’s—you’re so right. It’s like a aged saying, “no art is finished, art’s usually abandoned,” right? At some point, we have to change your game. In gaming today, many games are some-more games of service, and they live longer. We got to have some of that knowledge with Infinity Blade. Even nonetheless we had expelled Infinity Blade 1, 2 and 3, for us it was usually all this continual growth with a same formula base. We had to live with it, and by that process, eventually by a finish of Infinity Blade 3, we looked during it and were like, “yes, this embodies a comprehensive completeness of a prophesy and what this could be.” That was an extraordinary thing to go through.

With Shadow Complex, by a finish of a development, we was unequivocally unapproachable of a game. Super happy with it. But still, many things were left open by a finish of it. Like, now finally, here during a finish of creation a game, we feel like we now indeed know how to build this form of game. Now we could indeed go build it for real.

We indispensable to desert it, and even nonetheless we deserted it primarily to start work on Shadow Complex 2, that quick altered and developed into us creation Infinity Blade. So, it’s engaging we ask that, given for me, we desired Shadow Complex. we desperately wanted to lapse to it, nonetheless we was also so frightened to do so.

To me, I’m so tighten to it, we can’t spend a lot of time personification my games after I’ve expelled them, usually given they’re too tough to demeanour at. This is my life’s work. It’s too tough for me to demeanour behind like that, and so we hadn’t unequivocally played Shadow Complex for a integrate of years. we was unequivocally shaken to demeanour behind during it and go, “What will we find?” Will we find that we don’t like it? Will we find that it’s so full of mistakes and problems? Or, has my meditative developed now, from where we was during that point? So we was scared.

When we sat down to play it again, when we were like, “Okay, let’s start bringing a formula bottom behind up,” we played by a whole diversion again. It’d substantially been 5 years given we played it. A integrate of things that happened. we never get to knowledge a diversion we finished fresh, given we make it, right? we still am so insinuate with Shadow Complex, it’s not like it could ever be that distant from me, nonetheless it was adequate that we had started to forget where some of a things was. we didn’t know where all was, and it gave me usually a spirit of what it would be like to play one of a games nonetheless carrying finished it.

I don’t know how to contend this in a non-bad sounding way, nonetheless we was so gratified with what was there. we was personification it like, “Oh my gosh, this diversion is awesome, it’s so good.” And it binds up. There’s so many pattern ideas and choices that were so unusual during a time that still felt relevant, to me during least, today. Going into it, we were seeking ourselves what we indispensable to change. But personification by it, I’m like, we have to change roughly nothing. In fact, we shouldn’t, given we need to safety some of a virginity that somehow we stumbled into in creation this.

It was engaging given we was means to demeanour behind during it with rather uninformed eyes, and be happy with what we’d done, nonetheless also knowledge a diversion kind of for a initial time and be happy with that. And then, from a proceed some-more pattern viewpoint, be like, “You know, we could take that, that, that, and that, and change that, and it would be even better.” It was amusing.

I wish some-more people get a possibility to revisit their work years later.

Laura Mustard: Even to serve revisit it. Gives we a whole new uninformed perspective.

Mustard: I cruise there’s a special attribute we have to have with aged stuff. We attempted unequivocally tough not to—like I’m a outrageous fan of George Lucas—

EGM: we was going to ask we a George Lucas situation.

Mustard: I’m not a outrageous fan nonetheless of some of a changes he finished to Star Wars, right? Because I’m sure, for him, who is so tighten to his work, he’s like, “That thing always worried me and we contingency tweak that.” It never worried us, given all we gifted was a film that was on a screen, and so to us, it was this low adore that we’d shaped for it.

With Shadow Complex, we attempted desperately to have that approach. We were like, usually given there competence be something in there that bothers us, we don’t unequivocally get to have tenure of that anymore.

The second we expelled Shadow Complex in 2009, it became partial of everyone’s experience. So, we don’t feel like we indispensably even have a right to change elemental things about it. Again, looking during it like a Star Wars film, we don’t cruise anyone’s out there angry if they’re like, we remixed a song to be in 7.1 approximate and we re-color corrected all to move it to a good digital quality. Refining those kind of edges is fine. It’s when we change a heart itself, it’s dicey and sticky. So, we don’t know, it’s a clever balance.

It’s interesting, because—I cruise film is even starting to see this some-more than we have, nonetheless we’re still so immature in a diversion industry—how do we safety a story of games? There are games, like ones that we substantially played on your Mac when we were a kid. There was games we was personification and my crony played, and I’m gonna forget some of their names, nonetheless did we ever play Captain Goodnight on your Mac?


EGM: Hmm. we don’t cruise so.

Mustard: It was like this teeny small black-and-white side-scroller where we had this representative and you’re drifting into small bases. It was amazing, and had a outrageous impact on me when we was like 8. Where’s a chronological refuge of these things? we cruise this is going to be a outrageous problem for us as an industry, as how do we safety …

Laura: Digital entertainment?

Mustard: Digital party in a proceed as formats keep changing. Maybe a hundred years from now, all a games we’re creation now will be mislaid if we don’t do something to keep bringing them forward, and so to us this is a initial try during that, seeking how do we safety a work?

Laura: Shadow Complex was creatively expelled for Xbox Live Arcade. And then, with a conflict of Xbox One, a Xbox 360—still as extraordinary as it is—was starting to age out. So was Shadow Complex, given it was a usually complement we could play it on. Backwards harmony was a initial step, nonetheless really, what we’re vehement about is being means to move it to not usually Xbox One, nonetheless PlayStation 4, PC, Steam, a possess platform, so that a diversion has a trail to live. Because there’s so many some-more we wish to do in that universe, that we need to continue to let people play it in sequence to do that.

We spend a lot of time meditative about a refuge of digital party and how will we do that. we know there’s a large bid with, we cruise it’s UNICEF, right?

Mustard: It is UNICEF.

Laura: Cataloging old, ancient games like list games.

Mustard: Yeah, like what’s a chronological substructure of Othello and chess and things like that?

Laura: And preserving it so that it lives on, it doesn’t usually turn something that didn’t exist given it no longer exists. So, that’s something we cruise a lot about with a games too, in creation certain they’re preserved. Even Infinity Blade, it’s been extraordinary to have it on iOS. And we refurbish it. There’s a new iOS each year, and new devices, and so we’ve been clever to refurbish it to make certain it functions. But as those newer inclination come, a comparison strange iPhone is gone, and so you’re kind of chasing time.

Even still, we cruise we have many, many years, nonetheless during some point, where’s Infinity Blade going to live? Maybe it has to follow a same trail as Shadow Complex, where we have to put it elsewhere.

Mustard: Yeah, who knows.

EGM: we went to an facile propagandize that had Apple IIs, and there was this array called Microzine that came out for students that were educational, nonetheless they had some games on them. Every volume came out on those large old-school floppy disks, and had a diversion or dual on them. we was meditative that, if we wanted to go behind to those games from my childhood, they’re usually left during this indicate for a many part.

Mustard: Gone. Yeah.

EGM: You observant this, it roughly sounds to me like that impulse when we realize, as a tellurian being, that your life’s going to finish during some point. You’ve lived by life meditative “I’m indestructible, I’m going to live forever,” and all of a remarkable we arise adult one day like, “Oh my God, I’m gonna die.” So was there a impulse where you—

Mustard: Yes, I’m going to start crying, yes. [Laughs] we incited 40 this year, and approbation this is my midlife crisis.


EGM: we usually mean, as a creator, was there a impulse where we satisfied that your works could usually be left in a sky during one point, and was that a soul-searching kind of reason for you? Or, we feel like in a lot of examples, these games come out and they make income and they’re gone, and infrequently we don’t care. What was your reason in that?

Mustard: I cruise we strike it right on a head. We unequivocally speak about it, and know we need to do something. Because we adore Shadow Complex and we need to find a proceed to move it to some-more people, nonetheless that review went from “yeah, yeah, yeah, someday” to “we need to act, now.”

When we did see a Xbox One came out and it’s not retrograde compatible, we’re like ‘that’s it. This thing that we worked so tough on, we caring so deeply about, that took years of a lives, and has entertained millions of people is left if we do zero about it’, and so that was a outrageous impulse for us. We were like ‘we contingency act, we need to act now’ given each day we wait a formula that encapsulates that is removing comparison and comparison and even some-more out of date even nonetheless we’re relocating from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4 and it’s usually apropos superannuated so quick by a fast change of technology.

Yeah, we cruise it maybe had a small bit to do with removing older. I’m branch 40 in a few months and we am, we each day we arise up—

Laura: There’s like a whole story of when diversion designers are branch 40. What’s gonna happen?

Mustard: It’s like, how do we safety a work? We decided, even in a midst of Spyjinx, and all of this work we’re doing on all of these other games, we have to do it and we have to act now. We went, we’re going to Microsoft, and we have to move this forward—and, again, they’ve usually been such good partners, permitting us to do that and assisting us to do that and permitting us to move it to a wider audience, so I’m unequivocally happy we could do it.

Laura: We would die if we let any of a properties usually die on a system. This taught us a lot, we will have to keep preserving a stuff, given it got unequivocally close. Especially when we found this smoke-stack of digital download cards for Shadow Complex. They don’t make them for each diversion that Microsoft made…

Mustard: Yeah, we could buy them in a store or whatever.

Laura: We had burrowed those divided for safe-keeping, and usually a few weeks ago, found a whole stack. we was all “ooh, what am we going to do with these?” For posterity, we was going to palm them out to all a team, nonetheless afterwards satisfied that we can’t even do anything with them during this point.

EGM: I’m not certain if you’re informed with them, there’s a association called Limited Run Games, and their stream suspicion is to make earthy copies of games that have usually been digital.

Mustard: Really?

EGM: Yeah. They’re starting with like a thousand copies for this game, a thousand copies for that one, nonetheless they’re reaching out to all these developers who have had digital-only games, and they’re like, “Let us assistance we make a earthy version.”

Mustard: Huh.

EGM: Would we ever wish to see that for Shadow Complex? Have that confidence that, no matter what happens, maybe a Apocalypse comes, there’s still a thousand Shadow Complex discs out there somewhere that would still run generations from now.

Mustard: I cruise that’s a good idea, and we would totally try that. But even over that. we still have disks of Advent Rising, a initial diversion we ever made, and even Soul Reaver and other early things that we worked on, and we could theoretically go and block in my strange Xbox or go block in my PlayStation 2 or whatever and play those games. Even a hundred years from now, though, will we even still have those inputs?

We won’t have HDMI a hundred years from now, we’ll have something totally different, and those consoles won’t work. Maybe there’ll be some museum that can safety them, nonetheless a film attention has begun to contend no, we have to indeed move these films divided from being earthy and move them digital so they can live forever. We need to send them off film, we need to revive them, we need to make it so they live. It’s an engaging problem for games, given games are not a linear record that we can usually play—they need a specific input. They need certain codes, certain handling systems, and so if we’re not actively bringing that things forward, it’s going to be lost. Problem, right?

I positively wish a earthy preservation, nonetheless we wish to try and teach practices in a formula bottom that we can usually start relocating things along. We haven’t suspicion about a smarter proceed to do it.

EGM: Five years from now, will we be sitting here articulate to we about Shadow Complex Ultra High Definition Remastered? At what indicate do we cruise there is value in ceaselessly bringing a diversion behind to a new platforms? Or is there a indicate where you’re like, “we need to usually stop and not demeanour behind any more?”

Mustard: Well, maybe. The law is, we don’t know yet. we cruise it wouldn’t be Shadow Complex Ultra High Mastered, it would be some-more like now that we’ve brought a Shadow Complex formula bottom adult to a stream formula bottom with Spyjinx and Infinity Blade, that with minimal bid we can usually keep those formula bases current. There has been adequate expansion now that we could, theoretically—especially on PC and Mac-type platforms—I could usually keep putting out updates. A lot like Infinity Blade. As hardware changes and expands, we can usually put out an update, and I’m articulate code, so we can continue regulating those on your systems and they continue to work. we wish there would be no need to put out an ultra, uber-duber version, given a existent chronicle is going to usually keep pulling forward.


EGM: If we have one sales representation to give to people as to given they should play Shadow Complex if they never have, given should they play it?

Mustard: Here’s given we should play Shadow Complex. There was this diversion that came out in 1994 called Super Metroid, and in my opinion, as a veteran diversion designer, that diversion is one of a many beautifully-designed games of all time. In my opinion, along with some entries in a Zelda series, that kind of tangible a genre that hasn’t been explored that much. That was a genre that, in my opinion, was totally deserted given Super Metroid comes out in 1994 and afterwards a subsequent year, PlayStation comes out, and 3D becomes all we caring about. Doom comes out and Quake comes out and Unreal Tournament comes out. Awesome, right? But it kind of altered a proceed we looked during pattern for roughly a decade.

Us, Chair in 2007-2008, were asking, “How come this genre has been abandoned?” This beautiful, superb genre, and what if we combined a diversion in that genre that was unequivocally exploration-heavy, something all about discovery. It was all about how a some-more we try a universe and expose a secrets, a some-more empowered you’d turn as a player, and it’d give we entrance to collection that open adult this non-linear space.

I cruise if you’re a fan of games, we should play a non-linear, exploration-based diversion like Shadow Complex. If we going to play Shadow Complex, go play Super Metroid or go play Metroid proceed back.

For me, a genuine wish from Shadow Complex was to uncover a viability of that genre. In 2009, Shadow Complex was a outrageous vicious success, a outrageous blurb success, and given then, you’ve seen several games that we would cruise in that genre come out. Games like Ori and The Blind Forest, Guacamelee, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Axiom Verge. There’s these other games now that were kind of in that wheelhouse that are also excellent, nonetheless we still cruise Shadow Complex totally holds up. If you’re a fan of games, we should be personification it given it’s awesome, and it’s usually 15 dollars.

Laura: That’s true.

Mustard: Like, come on.

Laura: And it’s like 10 or so hours.

Mustard: That’d be my pitch. If we adore games, this is a genre that we have to experience.

EGM: Have we ever played Raiders Of The Lost Ark on 2600?

Mustard: Wait, what?

EGM: Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Mustard: On what?

EGM: On 2600. Atari.

Mustard: No. What? How do we not even know this was a thing?

EGM: One of a things of that diversion when we played it, it was a early days when there was just—

Mustard: It was out on 2600? we don’t even know this!

EGM: There was no reason of what games were. Booklets were cryptic. There was no internet, there was no hundreds of people bargain what to do. That was a diversion where we felt we was personification something that was many bigger than what we was seeing. we was feeling like there’s all these secrets and dark things, and it felt like a diversion that we would never wholly understand, and that was unequivocally constrained to me.

When we got to Metroid, a crony of cave and we figured out if we tighten a doorway that’s open and we let a doorway tighten on you, there was this thing called a wall climb, and what we were—

Mustard: You indeed figured that out?

EGM: Yeah. What we would finish adult doing was we were usually removing into a scrambling of a ROM banks, nonetheless we felt like we were anticipating these wholly new sections of a diversion that nobody had ever seen before. Things like that come to mind for me when you’re articulate about that engaging component of a genre, where it feels like you’re personification something bigger than other games.

Mustard: Exactly. We attempted to unequivocally obey that in a pattern of Shadow Complex, and some of a hardest-core players have found a lot of that. It was interesting. Ken Lobb, who is now during Microsoft, nonetheless he was during Nintendo during a growth of Super Metroid, and he would have these prolonged conversations with a designers and with Miyamoto, and that was unequivocally counsel on their partial to concede these emergent tools, that if a actor happened to do this on a wall or do this thing, that non-planned for elements could emerge from that.

Probably about 8 or 9 months before Shadow Complex came out, in articulate with Ken, he gave us recommendation on things we could start doing. Like, generally given we already had a froth gun, and we had some of these things where we could mangle a world. You could do these things, and he was like, many developers today would try unequivocally tough to extent that, to give boundary to a collection and boundary to a things. Don’t do that. In fact, hook a manners some-more to concede players to do crazy things like that.

If we demeanour during speed runs of Shadow Complex, they’re doing these crazy, crazy techniques, and we could have simply bound a bugs that concede that to happen. Instead, we embraced that and pronounced no, this is partial of a universe for we to explore, for we to impress yourselves upon. We’re going to give we collection and we’re going to get out of a proceed and let we usually do it. we cruise it taps into that healthy enterprise we have to try a world.


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