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Sega Mega Drive Classic Hub entrance to Steam this month

sega mega drive

Sega is rising a heart dedicated to their 16-bit console, a Sega Mega Drive.

Owners of Sega Genesis games on Steam will shortly be means to entrance a practical environment—made to demeanour like a kid’s bedroom during a tallness of a 16-bit era—known as a Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, after a console’s namesake outward North America. The heart evidently acts as a imagination emulator where we can entrance your Sega Genesis console and play games on a CRT monitor, as good as crop your library of games regulating practical mock-up of earthy copies. Certain games will concede for internal co-op, striking enhancements, ability to save during any point, and controller support.

Players can entrance a heart on Steam starting Apr 28th as partial of a giveaway update.

Source: GameSpot

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