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Samsung is building a stand-alone VR headset


Samsung is formulation to make a stand-alone practical existence headset apart from a stream Gear VR head-mounted display, that requires a use of a smartphone.

According to Samsung’s conduct of RD for program and services, Injong Rhee, a headset’s tech will incorporate positional tracking identical to that of a Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, according to a company’s conduct of RD for program and services, Injong Rhee (via Variety.)

“We are operative on wireless and dedicated VR devices, not indispensably operative with a mobile phone,” Rhee pronounced during Samsung’s new developer discussion in San Francisco.

Rhee hinted that a stand-alone headset might implement palm and gesticulate tracking, yet those advancements might be years off.

There’s no word on when Samsung’s stand-alone VR headset will strike stores.

Source: Variety

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