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Rockstar is celebrating a High Life in GTA Online with another week-long event


Rockstar Games is giving Grand Theft Auto Online‘s new Inch By Inch mode a spotlight nonetheless again with a High Life Week multiplayer event.

Inch By Inch is a competitive Adversary mode in GTA Online that was initial introduced progressing this month. It involves compress arenas where dual teams of players contingency conflict to pierce a package into a hostile side’s goal. Starting today, Apr 22nd, a new High Life Week eventuality is charity dual some-more Inch By Inch maps, a Grapeseed Cow Farm and a Los Santos International Airport. These can be enjoyed in a week’s Inch By Inch playlist that offers double in-game money (GTA$) and knowledge points (RP), finale during midnight on Sunday, Apr 24th.

The playlist rotations will continue via a week after a Inch By Inch playlist concludes, though a usually double reward offering by a following playlists is for RP. The dual uninterrupted playlists embody Races on Apr 25th and 26th and Team Deathmatch modes on Apr 27th and 28th.

Any of a VIP Work, VIP challenges, and Contact missions introduced in a new High Life Update will also offer double knowledge points during a week-long event.

These doubled adult bonuses will come in accessible for a many discounts accessible during a eventuality that embody 20 percent off all of a game’s oppulance yachts, 25 percent off yacht customization options, 25 percent off Stilt houses and penthouses, 50 percent off a preference of some of a game’s classiest clothing, and 50 percent off a Bullpup rifle.

While some fans might be excited about all a High Life deals, Grand Theft Auto Online‘s motorcycle gangs are watchful impatiently for their possess calm update.

Source: Rockstar Games Newswire

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