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Rock Band 4 PC Fig debate fails


Sorry PC owners, Rock Band 4 is not entrance to a height following a disaster of a Fig campaign.

Harmonix was seeking for $1.5 million in appropriation to assistance move Rock Band 4 to PC, however, a debate usually managed to lift $792,817.

“How do we feel about a finish of a campaign? Disappointed, obviously,” a developer wrote in an update. “There’s no necessity of people during Harmonix who adore Rock Band, and some of us got additional vehement during a awaiting of bringing behind RBN, and even some-more about removing a probability to display RB to a code new audience.

“But during a same time we schooled accurately what we indispensable to learn: there doesn’t seem to be adequate of an assembly to make Rock Band for PC a viable plan for us right now. We’re committed to ancillary and improving RB4 on consoles. To be clear, we lifted scarcely $800,000 around backers and investors; it’s an considerable display of support from a village and for a brand. But as an eccentric developer we have to be clever about how most income and growth time we risk on a plan we’re not certain has a large adequate audience, and crowdfunding authorised us to (among other things)* decider a marketplace fit for Rock Band PC.”

So does this meant a finish of a Rock Band 4 PC dream? Not quite.

“It’s positively in a area of probability that we competence try again in a future, or find another trail to get Rock Band for PC made,” Harmonix added. “We adore a PC as a platform, and we’re vehement by a possibilities and leisure it allows for User Generated Content, though right now we don’t have any specific skeleton to make it happen.”

Rock Band 4 is now accessible on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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