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Resident Evil 7 patched in a DLC provoke with some vital story spoilers

Those who finish Resident Evil 7 with a new 1.01 patch commissioned will get a teaser for a game’s arriving DLC—and it contains major spoilers.

The DLC is called Not a Hero, and it’s ostensible to enclose a possess story section apart from a categorical narrative. Though it doesn’t have a recover date yet, Capcom has betrothed that it’ll be giveaway for all fans.

Finishing a diversion and sitting by a credits will offer fans a teaser design of a DLC, finish with a “Coming Soon” summary and a really spoilery image.

Spoilers for a finish of Resident Evil 7 continue below, so spin behind now if we wish to go in blind.

As seen in a design above (provided by Eurogamer), a finale shows a design of a male job himself Chris Redfield, who creates a cameo coming towards a finish of a game. As fans of a array will know, Redfield is a star of many of a past Resident Evil games.

However, a design teased during a finish of a credits doesn’t demeanour most like a Redfield we know—so possibly he got a vital redesign, or there’s a deeper dishonesty going one. The Not a Hero pretension also seems to indicate tainted play during work.

Whatever a answer to a mystery, we substantially won’t find out until a DLC is released. According to some sources, it’ll be out this spring, nonetheless there’s no clear date yet.

Source: Stevivor

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