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Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster has sole tighten to a million copies

resident immorality 0

The dream of ’90s presence fear is alive and good during Capcom, as Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster has sole scarcely 1 million copies, according to new financial formula from a company.

The series comes from Capcom’s finish of mercantile year 2016 lecture and validates a developer’s plan to concentration on releasing some-more remasters after a record-breaking success of a initial Resident Evil HD Remaster. News of a stellar sales for RE0 HD, that usually accounted for digital copies, also comes during a jubilee of the 20th anniversary of a Resident Evil franchise, adding movement for a vital authorization pull approaching for a second half of this year.

Capcom’s Resident Evil reversion catalog will enhance with a designed recover of a full reconstitute of Resident Evil 2, and a current-generation ports of Resident Evil 5 in a summer and Resident Evil 4 in a fall. Resident Evil 6 was rereleased in March.

Source: VideoGamer

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