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Queerness and Games Conference Accepting Panel and Presentation Submissions

The Queerness and Games Conference is now usurpation submissions for talks, presentations, panels, workshops, and artistic activities.

QGCon, being reason in a UC Berkeley Center for New Media Oct 26-27, 2013, is an bid to move together academics and developers to try LGBT issues in videogames and videogame culture. QGCon invites academics and diversion professionals from all disciplines to contention proposals for talks, panels, or initial sessions.

The acquiescence discipline page lists several ideas for topics, including:

  • What does it meant to review video games as queer?
  • Where can we constitute a ludic in odd studies?
  • How do other issues of representation, like race, figure into a discussion?
  • What is a stream state of LGBT illustration in games?
  • What is a stream state of LGBT issues in a games industry?
  • How can diversion pattern itself respond to concerns about LGBT representation?
  • What are a pivotal issues in this rising field? What is during interest in a definition?
  • Are these concerns shifting? What does/should a destiny hold?

Source: Polygon

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