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Pokkén Tournament is removing a Pikachu-themed gamepad from Hori

Pikachu Pokkén Tournament

Japanese players of Pokkén Tournament, a Tekken-Pokémon hybrid fighting diversion expelled in March, are removing a tradition Wii U gamepad dedicated to array idol Pikachu.

The controller is a movement on a formerly expelled Wii U Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad from Hori, good famous for their arcade sticks among a fighting diversion community. The Pikachu gamepad is yellow and black with a conformation of a electric Pokémon in a center. It will sell in Japan this Jun during 3758¥, or about $35. No Western recover info has been announced.

Check out photos next interjection to website Serebii.net, who initial posted a images:

pokken pikachu1

pokken pikachu2

Source: GameSpot

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