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Pokémon Go adds 5,000 new PokéStops

If you’ve been wishing for some-more PokéStops nearby you, it’s time to demeanour again. Niantic has usually combined over 5,000 new item-dispensers to Pokémon Go.

This refurbish is a delay of Niantic’s ongoing partnership with Starbucks. 7,800 Starbucks locations were incited into Gyms and PokéStops final month, and an additional 5,000 locations will turn partial of a diversion as a changes hurl out.

Certain Starbucks might also yield what Niantic calls a “special-edition Pokémon Go Frappuchino,” yet don’t be astounded if a barista doesn’t know what you’re articulate about—it’s an object that will usually seem during certain participating locations.

Currently, fans are still watchful for news of Niantic’s subsequent Pokémon Go event. The winter holiday event, that introduced a few Generation 2 Pokémon into a mix, wrapped adult a few weeks ago, yet you’ll still be means to get those new Pokémon by hatching eggs.

Source: Niantic

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