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PlayStation-exclusive rigging suggested for Destiny’s Apr Update


A new Sniper Rifle, Sparrow, and class-based armor sets are nearing for Guardians personification Destiny on PlayStation as partial of the Apr Update.

The PlayStation-exclusive equipment were suggested recently on a PlayStation Blog. Here are all a details:

The Zen Meteor Sniper Rifle: (Unlocked by decrypting Exotic or Legendary Engrams)

  • Flavor Text:
    • “Complete awareness, finish focus. A mind sensory by industry to a singular lethal point.”
  • Perks:
    • Dynamite: Grants bomb rounds. Rapid kills with each turn in a shave bucket an extra, higher-damage turn for 5 seconds.
    • With a Laser Beam: The additional turn from Dynamite causes a large explosion.

The Velumbra Sparrow: (Unlocked by completing a query Essence of Darkness)


  • Flavor Text:
    • “I face a hurdles to come with dry eyes. There will be a time to mourn, though not until we have a vengeance.” —Petra Venj

New Armor Sets: Unlocked by decrypting Sublime Engrams


  • Warlock Armor: Barkhan Dune I
  • Titan Armor: Jovian Guard
  • Hunter Armor: Long Tomorrow 9G

New Quest – Essence of Darkness




  • Flavor Text:
    • “New activity during a Court does not bode good for a Reef. Show them a loyal force of a Guardian.” -Petra Venj

Destiny‘s April Update goes live Apr 12th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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