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PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One once again to tighten out 2016

The NPD news for a final month of 2016 has a PlayStation 4 convalescent a console crown.

For a month of December, a PlayStation 4 was a best offered home console in a U.S. While Sony reliable a NPD data, it would not exhibit accurate sales numbers for a system. The PS4’s good sales are widely attributed to dual vital diversion releases that happened during a month: The Last Guardian, that was a PS4 exclusive, and Final Fantasy XV, that was not an disdainful though sole distant improved on Sony’s console.

Despite a PS4 outselling a Xbox One in a final dual months of a year, Microsoft’s complement managed to best Sony’s for several months in 2016. Recent victories by Sony have not disheartened Microsoft, who done a matter about December’s NPD report, vouchsafing everybody know that a Xbox One isn’t usually some crook console.

“December was a biggest month ever for Xbox One sales in a U.S., and Xbox One was a usually [current-generation] console with year-over-year growth, according to NPD,” a Microsoft orator told GamesBeat. “In addition, Xbox One was a top-selling console over a second half of 2016, following a proclamation of Xbox One S during E3.”

The foe looks to stay exhilarated in 2017, as Sony will expected see a cost cut for a absolute PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft will deliver the even some-more absolute Xbox One Scorpio.

Source: GamesBeat

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