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Phil Spencer would like to see an analog for Steam’s Big Picture mode in Windows 10


When asked about bringing something identical to Steam’s Big Picture mode to Windows 10, Xbox arch Phil Spencer seemed utterly lustful of a idea.

In a new criticism on Twitter, Spencer concluded that implementing a controller-friendly user interface for Windows 10—in a same style as Steam’s Big Picture mode—would be really helpful.

Steam’s Big Picture mode debuted in 2012 and offers a simple, user-friendly knowledge for people wanting to navigate Steam with a controller. Big Picture not usually allows PC gamers to extract in their favorite games on their televisions, though also still allows them to entrance a Steam store, their crony lists, and more.

Will we see this arrange of UI implemented during E3 this year? We’ll have to wait until Jun to find out, and interjection to Microsoft’s recently announced E3 schedule, we now know accurately when to balance in.

Source: Phil Spencer around Twitter

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