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Phil Spencer confirms Project Scorpio will run games during local 4K

The male in assign of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has taken to his home territory of Twitter to endorse local 4K gaming on a arriving Project Scorpio.

When inquired about a new system’s ability for local 4K gaming, Spencer’s response was unambiguously definitive.

This privileged adult some difficulty on a console side, and it was reliable late final year that all first-party Microsoft titles rising in a “Scorpio time frame” will natively describe during 4K. When a fan recently requested some-more information on a local 4K, Spencer voiced that he would rather a games simply pronounce for themselves.

Other new Twitter posts by Spencer suggested that a complement is entrance along easily and a executive is assured in a progress.

The Xbox One’s Project Scorpio doesn’t have an central recover date, though it is approaching to launch someday in late 2017. Some of a system’s hardware specs are still underneath wraps, nonetheless a new trickle might offer some insight.

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