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Oxenfree is entrance to PlayStation 4 with a New Game+ mode


Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School Studios, has announced that Oxenfree will be creation a approach to PlayStation 4 subsequent month.

“A discerning catch-up on Oxenfree: it’s a entrance diversion from a studio, centering on a lady named Alex who brings her new step-brother Jonas to an overnight celebration on a decommissioned troops island that goes horribly wrong,” he wrote on a PlayStation Blog. “It’s a abnormal mindscrew of an journey with tons of opposite outcomes and story paths that let we figure Alex’s life, a fabric of time and space, and a predestine of a garland of unequivocally pissed off resounding creatures. Think Freaks and Geeks though with possession, time loops, and terror.”

The PlayStation 4 chronicle of a diversion will underline “all kinds of improvements,” including regulating a DualShock 4’s orator and light bar as a abnormal radio and a New Game+ mode, that “will continue Alex’s story with a new purpose.”

New Game+ will continue Alex’s story over a strange game’s finale with “different locations, conclusions, and a totally tweaked bargain of a events on a island.”

Oxenfree will be accessible on PlayStation 4 from May 31st, 2016.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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