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Overwatch devs don’t consider people know how to play Sombra correctly

Sombra isn’t played most in Overwatch, yet that’s not convincing Blizzard to adult her murdering power.

In a new Developer Update video, Overwatch game executive Jeff Kaplan talked about new actor requests for Sombra to be buffed. His matter on a hacking-based descent impression started out with a normal response: Remember how prolonged it took people to know how to play Ana?

“We trust she’s indeed unequivocally powerful, and a lot of players haven’t mastered how to play her rightly yet,” started Kaplan. “We do consider she’s in need of a small bit of a bump.”

However, during that point the tinge took a startling turn, with Blizzard station a ground.

“One area (where we competence not see eye-to-eye on with a player-base) is we don’t design Sombra to ever be a infamous assassin,” Kaplan said. “Even yet she’s in a Offense category, we could equally see her roughly being in a Support category. We see her some-more as a disruptor—a back-line disruptor—than a front-line flanker or assassin. So, a idea is not to make Sombra kill people quicker—that’s not what we’re unequivocally meddlesome in during this time.”

What do we think? Does Blizzard truly know best? What arrange of boost will Sombra get that won’t figure her into a gold-elimination assassin? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

Source: PlayOverwatch on YouTube

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