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Overwatch characters exhibit their New Year’s resolutions

New voice lines were combined to Overwatch, permitting characters to voice their New Year’s resolutions in-game.

Often listened while watchful during parent on a newly combined Oasis map, these voicelines are waggish glimpses into a characters of Blizzard’s first-person shooter. Like many folk, Winston appears to be examination his waistline, dogmatic he’ll eat reduction peanut butter, and some-more bananas. Lucio is looking to give back, earnest to broach new skates to all a kids in his neighborhood. Pharah, on a other hand, wants to only take some time off (EGM’s proprietor Pharmercy champion, Mollie, is no doubt crossing her fingers that Mercy will broach a nominal line).

Check out some of a voice lines below, as pulled by Redditor, DeadGirlDreaming:

Source: /r/Overwatch on Reddit

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