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One partial of Destiny’s newest swindling debunked by Bungie


When Destiny‘s Apr refurbish hit, a puzzling user named Rezyl Azzir posted specific locations of dark equipment usually moments after a patch went live, heading many to trust that there was a most incomparable poser during hand, including an protracted existence game. However, it does not seem that Bungie had anything to do with that information.

Community Manager David “Deej” Dague addressed a mysterious Rezyl Azzir in Bungie’s weekly update:

“Oh, and hey. Rezyl Azzir is not one of us,” wrote Deej. “We can't endorse nor can we interpret these riddles. It’s a poser to us as well. Fun stuff, though. If we don’t know what we’re articulate about, don’t worry about it. If we do, suffer a speculation.”

For those of we who don’t pronounce Bungie, this is flattering most a plain answer that there is no “official” riddle. Even a Destiny Subreddit agrees.




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