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One propitious Destiny fan got a real, operative Gjallarhorn for Christmas

A super-cool mother crafted a operative Gjallarhorn for her Destiny-obsessed father for Christmas.

Rightfully bragged about on Reddit, user jagger393939 showed off a present in movement in a YouTube video.

Not usually does a crafted Gjallarhorn glow Nerf darts, though it also has a orator that plays a “Gjallar Horn” sound from a game. The plan took months of operative in tip to accomplish, and took a target totally by surprise.

“Let’s see how a irritating dog subsequent doorway deals with my wolfpack,” pronounced jagger393939 in his reddit post.

Let’s only wish that he got her something special as well. Learn from my mistakes, jagger—a rope t-shirt is not a good Christmas gift.

Have we seen any other overwhelming video game-based holiday gifts? Let us know in a comments below!

Source: /r/Nerf on Reddit

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