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Official Sonic Twitter has a grand response to extremist VRChat meme

The central Sonic a Hedgehog Twitter comment is maybe a usually saving thing about Twitter during a moment. The Sega mascot’s amicable media participation recently took on a “Ugandan Knuckles” meme that’s been trolling VRChat, a prohibited new height for copyright transgression and practical existence weirdness.

Who is Ugandan Knuckles? The brief chronicle is that it’s a new meme subsequent from a extremist allowance of an African accent (complete with tongue clicking), formed in partial on an intensely low-budget Ugandan movement movie that’s being used by VRChat players whose avatars are a nonsensical 3D indication of Knuckles formed on an painting by YouTuber Gregzilla. If we wish to feel unequivocally angry for no reason, only watch this.

Thankfully, Sonic a Hedgehog’s Twitter doesn’t stay wordless when one of a characters is being used in such a foolish way, and fought one meme with another meme:

Yes, that is a Sonic a Hedgehog Twitter mouth-watering trolls to present to Ugandan charities with a “expanding mind meme.”

Of course, a twitter was met with a garland of pro–Ugandan Knuckles replies, though what are we going to do? The universe is a terrible place, as evidenced by a fact that a many reasonable chairman on a internet is whoever runs a Sonic Twitter.

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