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Oculus Rift shipping date for Kickstarter backers now ‘TBD’ [Update: Oculus responds]

Oculus Rift in box

Update: In a matter to Tech Crunch, Oculus cited member necessity as a reason behind the delay in shipments for a Rift.

“The member necessity impacted a quantities some-more than we expected, and we’ve updated a conveyance window to simulate these changes,” review a statement. “We apologize for a delay. We’re delivering Rifts to business any day, and we’re focused on removing Rifts out a doorway as quick as we can.”

Original Story: While Oculus declined to answer questions per how many orders were affected, it did fact its plan on how to pill a situation.

“We’ve taken stairs to residence a member shortage, and we’ll continue shipping in aloft volumes any week. We’ve also increasing a production ability to concede us to broach in aloft quantities, faster. Many Rifts will boat reduction than 4 weeks from strange estimates, and we wish to kick a new estimates we’ve provided.”
The Oculus Rift’s strictly been released, though many business with pre-orders wouldn’t know it—especially given Oculus only sent out a collection of emails pulling a estimated shipping date behind another integrate of months.

Though a accurate date a pre-ordered units are estimated to arrive varies from patron to customer, many news that they’re now saying dates as late as Jun (a full 3 months after a Rift’s Mar launch). In comparison, units systematic from a Oculus Store today, post-launch, are estimated to boat in August.

Things are looking even some-more apocalyptic for backers of a strange Kickstarter. An “Oculus Service Announcement” posted to Reddit alerted business that their shipping dates have been altered to an meaningful “TBD.”

“[The original] date was germane to a time in that we alien a orders,” a proclamation reads. “We’ve already over a vast series of a orders and some-more are being over on a unchanging cadence. Your Rifts are from a opposite allocation.”

Oculus has formerly blamed a hilly launch on an astonishing member shortage, and in reparation cut a cost of shipping for pre-order customers. Founder Palmer Luckey formerly settled that he wouldn’t elaborate on a supply conditions until it was “finalized.”

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