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Oculus Rift ‘exclusives’ can already run on a HTC Vive


With a few program hacks, programmers have been means to get Oculus Rift disdainful titles using on a HTC Vive.

GitHub users LibreVR and rjoudrey expelled a explanation of judgment patch that allows a Oculus’ SDK to promulgate with a Vive’s OpenVR. Right now, usually Lucky’s Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck are upheld on Vive, though it competence not be prolonged before we see even some-more Oculus exclusives ported to a competitors’ headsets. The patch’s records say, “the Revive DLLs already enclose a required hooking formula to work around a Code Signing check in any application.”

You can download a hacks to run Lucky’s Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck on your HTC Vive from a project’s GitHub page. Don’t design them to work indefinitely, however, as Oculus has already pronounced in a matter to Ars Technica that a association considers a apparatus a penetrate and skeleton to invalidate a workaround with destiny program updates.

Source: Polygon

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