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Occult rednecks aren’t a weirdest thing about Resident Evil 7

Capcom is holding an engaging trail with a graduation of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, with dual sold pieces of merchandise inciting widespread responses of “uhhhh?” among fans.

The initial object adult for grabs may sound tolerably suitable on a surface—until we indeed see it. It is a USB hang dictated to demeanour like a burnt finger of a doll that can bend. Creepy enough, though a problem is that—for those that don’t demeanour closely- it looks reduction like a doll finger and some-more like a… well, this is a family website, so use your imagination.


While a burnt “doll finger” creates during slightest some clarity on a unpractical level, it is tough to suppose because someone during Capcom greenlit this subsequent promotional item. It’s is an central Resident Evil 7 candle meant to be burnt while personification a diversion on a PlayStation VR in sequence to “fully douse a player.” The candle was done by video diversion sell tradesman Merchoid, and it will bake for adult to 20 hours, smelling of “foisty, aged joist and blood” all a while. Nothing like a smell of blood to finish your VR experience, huh?

Both equipment are strictly protected Resident Evil products. The Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D candle can be acquired by Merchoid’s website for $16 (shipping starts Jan 20th), while a USB “Doll Finger” is accessible by Capcom’s Japanese Ambassador program, or as partial of a $180, GameStop-exclusive collector’s edition.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is rising Jan 24th on Xbox One, PC, and on PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support.

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