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Next Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map exhibit entrance soon

Get a glance of Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare‘s arriving Zombies DLC tomorrow in a special livestream.

The tide kicks off on Tuesday, Jan 24th, during 11 a.m. PT, and heavily facilities Rave in a Redwoods—the game’s subsequent Zombies installment. Billed as a fear film brought to life, Rave in a Redwoods drops a characters in a center of a campground in a woods. It’s not empty, though—the camp’s been taken over by raver kids, and pulses with ’90s-themed neon lights and paint.

According to Infinity Ward, Rave in a Redwoods will deliver new weapons, traps, a habit change for all of a characters, and a code new Slasher character. Tune in to a livestream on Twitch tomorrow in sequence to get a good demeanour during all that’s coming.

The full Sabotage DLC is set to recover on PlayStation 4 on Jan 31st, 2017, and will deliver Rave in a Redwoods, 4 new multiplayer maps, and more.

Source: Infinity Ward on Twitter

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