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Newest Guitar Hero Live reward shows broach cocktail punk and The Struts


Two new Premium Shows have arrived for Guitar Hero Live, in a form of “Pop Punk 2002” and “Everybody Wants a Struts.”

Announced on Twitter, a dual new shows underline hits from The Struts as good as three cocktail punk songs from several artists. If you’ve ever wondered whose iPod FreeStyle Games stole to make their lane lists from, it appears to have been mine. Along with a dual new Premium Shows, “Back to a 90’s…” has returned, giving we one final possibility to jam out to Cracker’s “Low.”

Here’s a full set list:

Everybody Wants a Struts

  • The Struts – “Could Have Been Me”
  • The Struts – “Put Your Money on Me”
  • The Struts – “Kiss This”

Pop Punk 2002

  • Sum 41 – “Still Waiting”
  • Good Charlotte – “Lifestyles of a Rich and Famous”
  • American Hi-Fi – “Flavor of a Weak”

Back to a 90’s…

  • Alice in Chains – “Man in a Box”
  • Cracker – “Low”
  • Rage Against a Machine – “Sleep Now in a Fire”

Source: Guitar Hero on Twitter

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