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New Xbox One Project Scorpio hardware specs reportedly leaked

New sum per Microsoft’s super sly Project Scorpio have reportedly leaked, including information on a Xbox One upgrade’s RAM, GPU bandwidth, and more.

The information comes by approach of Digital Foundry, who claims they were given a request filled with specs on a new system. An important thing to notice is that Microsoft veering divided from ESRAM—a form of memory that, while being low-latency, is mostly tough to manage. However, Microsoft didn’t wish gamers on Xbox One and Xbox One S to worry about being left behind.

“ESRAM stays essential to achieving high opening on both Xbox One and Xbox One S,” a news reads. “However, Project Scorpio and PC are not supposing with ESRAM. Because developers are not authorised to boat a Project Scorpio-only SKU, optimizing for ESRAM stays vicious to opening on Microsoft platforms.”

Additionally, a formerly rumored 6 teraflop GPU was listed in a news as well, clearly confirming that spec. If true, this would make a Scorpio scarcely 5 times as absolute as a Xbox One.

If we adore tech-stuff, a nitty dirty is accessible in a full Digital Foundry report.

Source: Digital Foundry

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