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New Rainbow Six Siege user is always one step ahead

The initial user from the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege expansion Operation Velvet Shell was recently revealed, using a singular tool that allows him to hang tighten on a enemy’s tail.

The user is named Jackal, and he wields a special camera supply on his conduct that reveals a footprints of enemies that walked a belligerent around him. It is not specified in a entrance trailer possibly Jackal is an aggressive or fortifying operator, though his apparatus could accommodate possibly role.

Jackal will launch in a Operational Velvet Shell enlargement alongside a new Coastline multiplayer map. The map sets operators in a sea-side review in Spain, where a DLC’s dual new operators accost from.

The full enlargement will be demoed live during a Six Invitational Tournament subsequent month, so fans can expected design a provoke of a second user before then.

Source: Ubisoft Blog

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