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New Overwatch voice lines endorse a adore tie between dual heroes

New voice lines have arrived on a Overwatch Public Test Region, lending some-more credit to a Genji–Mercy (otherwise famous as “Emergenji”) intrigue theories.

Two new lines were data-mined by Reddit user Akhanubis, display a tie between a alloy and drudge ninja.

Mercy to Genji:

Genji to Mercy:

If—as these lines seem to suggest—there is a regretful couple between Mercy and Genji, it would penetrate one of a largest fan-pairings of Overwatch, Pharmercy, done of of Pharah and Mercy. Many gamers, artists, and co-workers are spooky with a “bird moms,” notwithstanding there being no in-game references to a dual ever being in a relationship. However, Pharah’s ability to fly and Mercy’s ability to use a ability Guardian Angel to fly with her mostly see a dual floating around a skies as a pair.

Additionally, it appears that Genji is spooky with chocolate, as another voice line (this time when interacting with Hanzo) refers to a treats.

Genji to Hanzo:

Plus, it appears that Hanzo’s father might not have been a biggest fan of undercuts.

Genji to Hazo:

What do we make of these lines? We can’t wait to hear them all come February.

Source: Akhanubis on Reddit

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