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New Madden 17 refurbish fixes margin idea defense

If you’re one of those folk who has been exploiting a ability to retard margin goals, your time in a light is over.

The newest refurbish to Madden NFL 17 has come out, adding many facilities to Ultimate Team and regulating an annoying feat that authorised players to retard a lot of additional indicate attempts. Some other highlights from a patch embody a further of night games to Ultimate Team Seasons and a new title, displaying your Season progress. Want to know each detail? Here is a full list of updates from a patch, as taken from Madden’s Facebook page.

  • Added a new tile to MUT Seasons that displays your Season swell including past opponents and scores.
  • Added Playoff arrangement and night games to MUT Seasons.
  • Added visible feedback whenever certain chemistry abilities are used in MUT.
  • Addressed a bug that would not uncover we a low agreement upsurge when exiting a MUT Seasons game.
  • Fixed an feat that would let users retard margin goals during a high rate.
  • Added user arrangement banners that arrangement whenever a successful ability pierce is performed.


Source: Madden around Facebook

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