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New Gravity Rush 2 ad isn’t kitten about a energy of gravity

If you’ve ever lived in Japan, watched Japanese programming, or simply browsed one of a large compilations videos on YouTube, afterwards we already know that Japanese commercials can be flattering crazy. Sometimes they’re nonsensical, infrequently they’re filled with a uncanny clarity of humor, and infrequently they shock we to a inlet of your really soul.

Sometimes, however, Japanese commercials are also amazingly artistic and heartwarming—which is accurately how I’d report this new ad for Gravity Daze 2—what we call Gravity Rush 2 here in a West. In this ad, patrician “Gravity Cat,” a immature lady is perplexing to write her graduation topic on Newton’s Law of Gravity. However, her immature kitten has other plans—which start with unfortunate her work and ends with totally changeable a laws of inlet as we know them. A reference, of course, to a game’s categorical impression Kat—or Kitten, as she’s famous in Japan—who wields identical powers of her own.

It’s a fun, dainty ad for a diversion that, itself, is fun and whimsical—and that we can examination my full examination for ahead of a recover on Jan 20th!

This ad isn’t a usually good small square of graduation that’s come out for a diversion recently, however. Earlier this week, a game’s impression engineer Saito Shunsuke put adult a ridiculously lovable square of art display only how a game’s protagonist puts on her now-trademark outfit. Some creatively suspicion a bullion backing on her wardrobe was trim, though it’s actually apart pieces that are firm adequate to keep her outfit in place when drifting by a sky, though stretchable adequate to get on comfortably.

With all of a crazy outfits impression get in Japanese games, it’s good to indeed see designers consider out their practicality sometimes.

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