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New gameplay trailer reveals Adr1ft’s PlayStation 4 recover date

505 Games has expelled a new trailer for Three One Zero’s first-person space journey diversion Adr1ft that reveals a game’s PlayStation 4 recover date.

The diversion will be expelled on PlayStation 4 on Jul 15th, according to a publisher.

Adr1ft is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that tells a story of an wanderer in peril,” a game’s outline reads. “Floating silently among a disadvantage of a broken space hire with no memory and a exceedingly shop-worn EVA fit solemnly leaking oxygen, a usually survivor struggles to establish a means of a inauspicious eventuality that took a lives of everybody on board.

“The actor fights to stay alive by exploring a disadvantage for changed resources, and overcomes a hurdles of an revengeful sourroundings to correct a shop-worn EEV and safely lapse home.”

Adr1ft is now accessible on PC.

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