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Need for Speed refurbish to move rival multiplayer, increasing difficulty, and more


Need for Speed will accept 3 vital additions opposite single- and multiplayer, with a giveaway refurbish scheduled to arrive during a finish of April.

A new feature, Speedlists, will concede players to contest opposite other tellurian participants in a  series of preselected events. Each eventuality earns we points and, on completion, a points are tallied to establish a winner. Player titles are handed out according to how good we do, vouchsafing we acquire names such as “wannabe racer” and “urban legend,” among others.

Prestige mode will be accessible after finishing a categorical story arcs in Need for Speed, unlocking several events from a categorical diversion on a most harder problem setting. Two some-more form of activities, deposit dilemma and speed runs, will now be strewn via Ventura Bay to inspire a artistic uses of vehicles over a categorical story missions.

These changes are entrance to Need for Speed for giveaway on Apr 27th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For a full patch notes, check out a central Need for Speed page.

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