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NBA 2K16 asks either history’s best teams could best Steph Curry’s Warriors

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Even a many infrequent sports fan famous Steph Curry and his Warriors are a biggest NBA group today. The Warriors are entering a playoffs with an all-time-best deteriorate record of 73-9, and Steph Curry put adult a biggest particular unchanging deteriorate in NBA story by some metrics.

Visual Concepts, a people behind a reigning basketball simulation, NBA 2K16, wanted to exam usually how good this Warriors group is though carrying to invent time transport or lift countless prime group out of retirement. As a third-best option, a game’s YouTube channel posted a brief video chronicling unnatural array between this season’s Warriors and 3 of a best NBA teams ever: a 1995–96 Chicago Bulls (now second place on a all-time unchanging deteriorate wins list), 2001–02 Los Angeles Lakers (best playoff record all-time), and a 2005–06 Miami Heat (because a 1985-86 Celtics weren’t available, we presume).

I wouldn’t wish to spoil a formula here, though know that usually one classical group defeated Curry’s Warriors in a NBA 2K16 simulation, and that group is led by a Black Mamba.

Source: Polygon

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