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Naughty Dog drops some-more sum on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog has finally suggested a small some-more about Uncharted 4‘s puzzling new expansion, The Lost Legacy.

Originally, a standalone story debate debuted during a PlayStation Experience 2016. Though we saw a sincerely prolonged gameplay demo, Chloe Frazer was a usually categorical impression to make an appearance, and a story—a query for a mythological artifact dark low in a plateau of India—sounds flattering apart from a story of a categorical games. Now, a latest collection of news comes from a Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via PowerUp Gaming).

“[The Lost Legacy will] be tonally different, though in a same context of a Uncharted world,” a game’s artistic executive Shaun Escayg explained in an talk with a magazine. He combined that Lost Legacy “started as DLC, though we couldn’t find… well, we indispensable a longer time for a story to develop, and now we would contend it’s a story expansion. That’s how we’re terming it.”

Game executive Kurt Margenau combined his thoughts on a expansion’s gameplay.

“I would contend we’re going a small some-more far-reaching this time,” Margenau said. “I don’t wish to give too most away, though it’s something we’re vehement about on a gameplay side, this kind of contrariety of an civic environment and a farming setting; a tighter knowledge and some-more open experience.”

Finally, both creators voiced seductiveness in a game’s setting, with Escayg referring to India as a “perfect setting” for a events of a story.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has no recover date yet, though is approaching to arrive on a PlayStation 4 someday this year.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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