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Naughty Dog dev uses Twitter to uncover fans early breeze of The Last of Us DLC’s story

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Neil Druckmann, Creative Director for Naughty Dog, puts a complexity of formulating a story like The Last of Us in viewpoint by a new Twitter post.

Druckmann tweeted an picture of a whiteboard with a summary “here’s a strange whiteboard kick flowchart for TLoU: Left Behind. ” proof some critical time and suspicion went into that narrative.

The Last of Us: Left Behind was DLC calm for TLoU that told dual coexisting stories, one of an infinite tract territory of a categorical game, and another prequel story of how one of a game’s protagonists, Ellie, finished adult in her “situation”. The Left Behind DLC usually takes a fragment of time a categorical diversion demands, so one could ascertain a flowchart for a entirety of The Last of Us was expected even some-more intimidating.

Now Druckmann should twitter out a flowchart that fans unequivocally wish to see, that for The Last of Us 2.

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