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More justification a subsequent large Pokémon diversion will be on Switch

A mainline Pokémon diversion competence finally be appearing on a home console.

While spinoffs like Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap have seemed on a (relatively) large shade before, all of a categorical entries in a Pokémon array have always been on handheld consoles. However, Nintendo’s subsequent large console, a Switch, is a hybrid home/handheld device—and now there are hints that a Pokémon diversion might be in a works.

The spirit comes from tradesman GameStop, that published a list of arriving games before reworking a text.

“Nintendo Switch games will embody new pretension offerings from Mario, Splatoon, Zelda, a NBA and more!” a inventory review (via ShackNews). “You will even be means to play Skyrim on a go, or Pokémon during home with a Nintendo Switch.”

This alone doesn’t indispensably meant that a new Pokémon diversion will be a categorical entrance in a series, given it doesn’t go into any detail. However, it does line adult with another, progressing (and differently unverifiable) rumor, that expected that Pokémon Sun and Moon would get a supplement on a Switch. That leaker tentatively patrician a new diversion Pokémon Stars, yet again, keep in mind that it’s all unconfirmed.

If a new Pokémon diversion is on a way, though, as a GameStop inventory seems to indicate, afterwards it’s expected we’ll find out really soon. Nintendo is holding a large Switch display after this week, and will expected exhibit a few new games during a same time. Tune in on Thursday, Jan 12th, to find out more.

Source: Shacknews

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