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Monster Hunter: World debuts fantastical, underwater-inspired region

We’re only a few weeks divided from a recover of Monster Hunter: World, and Capcom has only expelled an endless new demeanour during a gameplay that’s in store.

The nine-minute prolonged gameplay representation shows off a Coral Highlands, a fantastical area where a gigantic coral embankment grows like a forest. Even some-more implausible creatures there, with and an gullible hunter might find themselves in for some-more of a quarrel than he or she bargained for.

The trailer also shows off some of a interactions that might take place between a monsters and a universe they inhabit, as a quarrel with an darling pompous wyvern Paulumu is interrupted by a attainment of a elegant-but-deadly Legiana.

Monster Hunter: World releases on a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan 26th. PC fans will have to wait a while longer, though, since, as we’ve learned, a PC chronicle won’t recover until someday in tumble 2018.

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