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MLB The Show 16’s group apologizes for laggy servers, offers giveaway cards

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Like many other online games, MLB The Show 16‘s had a bit of a hilly start due to server overload. The developers are dynamic to make adult for it, though, and have now released a patch, a open apology, and a slew of goodies for anyone forced to play with a laggy servers.

One of a diversion modes in particular, Diamond Dynasty, was rendered scarcely unplayable due to a game’s need to check in with a server for scarcely each action. To appreciate players for their patience, Sony San Diego will endowment anyone who attempted to play before 1 p.m. PT on Apr 8th with 10 customary packs of Diamond Dynasty cards for free, as good as 5,000 Stubs ($15 value of content).

“We apologize that a fad of launch and a start of a deteriorate has been soured by these issues,” a Sony San Diego Studio deputy wrote on a game’s forums. “Our group is holding each step required and operative around a time to stabilise a online servers as shortly as possible.”

Several actor complaints, such as a diversion frozen adult during timeouts, have already been addressed in Patch 1.02.

Players who wish to explain their rewards will need to explain their Diamond Dynasty label packs before Tuesday, Apr 12th. The Stubs should uncover adult automatically.

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