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Microsoft incompetent to find customer for Lionhead, studio strictly shutting down


Lionhead Studios, developers of a now-cancelled Fable Legends, is finally confronting the studio closure that Microsoft initial announced as an intensity outcome behind in March.

After a proclamation of Fable Legends‘ cancellation, a studio’s predestine fluctuated over a following weeks. Unfortunately, no one has stepped brazen to squeeze a association over a march of a conference period, so Microsoft was finally forced to tighten a doors of Lionhead Studios today, Apr 29th.

“We can endorse that after most care over a six-week conference duration with Lionhead employees,” a Microsoft orator told Eurogamer. “We have reached a preference to tighten Lionhead Studios. We have zero though heart-felt interjection for a group during Lionhead for their poignant contributions to Xbox and a games industry.”

The studio’s developers took to Twitter to demonstrate their affinity of their time during Lionhead and their beating in saying it come to an end.

One of a few voices that has nonetheless to import in on a closure is Lionhead’s strange owner and former head, Peter Molyneux, who over in 2012.

Source: Eurogamer

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