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Microsoft competence entirely betray Scorpio before E3

We competence get to see Microsoft’s Xbox One upgrade, codenamed Project Scorpio, before E3 2017, according to Phil Spencer.

The Xbox trainer took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions about Microsoft’s arriving games and consoles. One of a most-asked questions, naturally, was about a swell of a Scorpio, that Spencer suggested is going “great.”

Then, while he didn’t contend anything outright, Spencer concurred that fans will design to see something during this year’s E3.

Finally, he answered a large question: could we presumably get some information before E3?

From all that, it seems that Microsoft doesn’t have a set date nonetheless for a console’s unveiling, though it’s not due to a miss of progress.

As distant as we know, a Xbox Scorpio is scheduled to recover before a holiday 2017 season. Since it sounds like it’s all on track, we’ll expected learn some-more information by E3 during a latest.

Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter

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