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Microsoft is contrast mixed upgraded Xbox One prototypes, new news claims


A new news claims that Microsoft is operative on antecedent builds of an upgraded Xbox One, some of that use “upgraded” tools that resemble those found on a PC gaming rig.

Sources tighten to Microsoft told The Verge that a association has been contrast “a variety” of upgraded Xbox devices. This information backs adult an progressing filing with a FCC that suggested that Microsoft has been operative on not one, yet dual new consoles.

Xbox trainer Phil Spencer has already talked about a probability of an upgraded Xbox One, observant that Microsoft would “come out with new hardware capability during a generation,” yet he also pronounced that any try during a beefier Xbox One would be “a unequivocally estimable change for people—an upgrade,” and not an incremental change.

The non-disclosure agreements on a FCC filings end on Jun 25th and Jun 29th, indicating towards an E3 reveal.

Source: The Verge

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