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Microsoft is stealing all traces of Scalebound from a internet

Microsoft appears to be creation an bid to erase a recently cancelled Scalebound from a story books.

Following widespread rumors of a dragon-tastic movement RPG’s cancellation, Microsoft recently reliable that growth on a plan would cease. What came after was a inform of most of justification that Scalebound was once in production.

All trailers from a game’s central YouTube page have been private with any posts from a game’s central Twitter criticism or from Xbox Live’s Major Nelson joining to diversion footage now entrance up removed or noted as private. It is now misleading because Microsoft is clearly attempting to wipe the diversion from a internet, nonetheless it could engage chartering complications.

For now, usually a tiny volume of footage can still be found on a Xbox YouTube channel, dark in other videos. Luckily, developer Platinum Games is not following a same directive, definition that much the game’s footage can still be found on a studio’s possess YouTube channel.

Microsoft has nonetheless to criticism on a information’s removal.

Source: Eurogamer

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