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Major Nelson is ill of your back harmony requests

Xbox orator Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has had adequate of your crap.

Gamers are a ardent crowd, and often we don’t know when to quit. Unfortunately, this has lead to a bit of disappointment for Major Nelson—the Xbox orator who reveals many of a back harmony releases. It appears that a pestering was so heated that Major Nelson felt a need to refurbish his site’s FAQ to residence a issue.

Q: If we accumulate adult my friends and we constantly twitter at you or other members of a Xbox team about a title we wish for BC, that will make it happened right ?

A: No. Not during all.

Since a update, a Major has been subtweeting links to that specific territory of a FAQ during several Xbox fans on Twitter. Brutal.

So, remember, even yet today’s offerings might not be Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Major Nelson didn’t confirm that.

Source: Major Nelson around Twitter

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