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Madden refuses to stop strain parodies, brings in Antonio Brown

The folks at Madden NFL 17 contingency have paid up-front for a song-parody ad debate they’ve been running, as another cringe-worthy video flush this week featuring Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown.

Appearing on Brown’s Twitter account, a ad facilities a far-reaching receiver singing a satire of The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” While Brown’s joining to a ad is praiseworthy, as a whole, a opening falls flat. But, I’m not going to censure Brown. This is EA’s fault. After a initial Von Miller satire of Bieber’s “Sorry,” that was aided by auto-tune, a campaign has steeply declined in quality. At this point, a past integrate have felt some-more like examination karaoke night than what was substantially a really expanded advertisement.

Just have a athletes lip-sync, EA. You don’t even have to tell them that’s what’s going to happen! Just reinstate their vocals later.

Source: Antonio Brown on Twitter

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