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Kirby: Planet Robobot review


Whenever we consider that HAL Laboratory and Nintendo are going to run out of fun gimmicks to hang Kirby adult in, they find a approach to keep startling me. Whether it’s as a pinball, a chronicle creature, or roving a rainbow-painted path, partial of a series’ attract has been how a gameplay always seems to be morphing into something fresh—much like Kirby himself when he copies an enemy’s ability—while still adhering to a pinkish puffball’s action-platforming core. The twin seem to have finished it once again with Kirby’s latest tour for a 3DS, Kirby: Planet Robobot.

It’s another pacific day on a world Pop Star, with Kirby resting underneath a tree, King Dedede personification chess opposite a Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight patrolling a skies in a Halberd. The assent of this theatre is fast shattered, however, when a puzzling UFO lands on a world and starts terraforming Pop Star, transforming a inhabitants into automatic monstrosities. Kirby immediately springs into movement in sequence to get to a bottom of a coming of these bizarre aliens and spin Pop Star behind into a nature-loving home he knows.

At a core, Planet Robobot is many like any other mainline pretension in a series. Kirby contingency quarrel his approach by a half-dozen levels, any damaged into a handful of stages, and duplicate a abilities of a foes he comes opposite in sequence to solve puzzles, collect items, and pierce a pain to a bosses he’ll face along a way. Along with that, there are several new elements that assistance Robobot stand out from a predecessors, and that supplement a lot to a game’s enjoyability.


Any fan that has played Kirby games before will immediately collect adult on a initial of these changes, that is a code new aesthetic. The terraforming tract indicate means exploring locations Kirby has never dealt with before, such as casinos, roadways, trains, pipeworks, and more. These also yield Robobot with an engaging contrariety in a design, with a colorful, cartoony vibe we customarily get from a array channel with an urban, mechanized motif. Even old-school bosses take advantage of a theme, with a cyborg-like Clanky Woods portion as a hardest chronicle of Whispy Woods we’ve seen yet.

The other vital changes come on a gameplay side. Planet Robobot features 4 new powers for Kirby to wield: Jet, Poison, ESP, and Doctor. You can fry enemies in Jet’s afterburners, chuck penetrating appetite around a room with ESP, rebound tablet projectiles during enemies with Doctor, or roller on sludge with Poison to get by a turn quicker. While any energy has a moments in a game, we found ESP to be a many useful of a four—both since of a descent strength opposite enemies, and a ability to assistance with puzzles by promulgation projectiles by walls to strike previously-inaccessible switches.

As good as a new powers are, a biggest gameplay change, though, comes from a fact that Kirby now can commander his possess personal mechanized robot, that he acquires early in a diversion and utilizes on several stages. The mech not usually affords Kirby super-strength that he can use to pierce vast set pieces around any turn (opening adult new nonplus and platforming opportunities), though also allows for duplicating rivalry abilities many like Kirby himself. Copying a fire ability, for instance, turns a mech’s arms into a span of flamethrowers—great for lighting cannon fuses that can open adult previously-inaccessible areas or toasting enemies.


In some cases, a mech does some-more than only amplify Kirby’s abilities, too—it changes a really inlet of a game. For example, a aforementioned Jet ability transforms a mech into a Gradius-like starship, providing some engaging side-scrolling shooter gameplay. Working in this theatre accumulation supposing a good change of gait from a customary platforming that comprises many of a game, and had me switching powers during a distant some-more visit gait than when we routinely play Kirby games, as we couldn’t wait to see how a mech would renovate next.

As good an knowledge as this all provides, Planet Robobot does humour from something that has tormented many Nintendo games in new years: a miss of challenge. Life-hoarding became a diversion within a diversion for me, as we never died some-more than a integrate times via my playthrough. HAL Laboratory attempted to strike adult a problem by adding 3 keys to any theatre for we to collect—with we wanting a certain series of pronounced keys to clear any boss—but aside from one or dual stages, we never had an emanate with collecting them all on a initial go.

Lack of plea aside, Kirby: Planet Robobot does a good pursuit of stability a tradition of what a best Kirby games do: yield a fun journey that captures your imagination. The problem might not have been high, though it’s still a top-quality, tight-handling platformer that we couldn’t assistance though suffer for a brief time it lasted—and that we didn’t wish to put down until I’d seen each power, solved each puzzle, and brought assent behind to Pop Star. The new mech gimmick was a pleasure to disaster around with, and in a end, Planet Robobot’s few new facilities paid large dividends that any Kirby fan should adore to play.


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