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Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress review


When Just Cause 3 came out during a finish of final year, it delivered all a insane, egotistic movement a array is famous for and afterwards some. New collection for Rico Rodriguez joined with another island republic to erase meant we finished adult falling tighten to 40 hours into this diversion over winter mangle and not woeful a singular second of it. So, when a Sky Fortress DLC expansion—the initial of 3 entrance to a game—had finally been added, we was anxious to have an forgive to take control of a conductor of mayhem once again and blow adult a tiny bit some-more of Medici. Just how tiny that bit would be came as something of a shock, though.

The Sky Fortress DLC starts off like some of Rico’s other missions over a march of a game, with him removing a call from his untrustworthy crony and supervision handler, Tom Sheldon. Countless Medicians have been slaughtered by robotic drones that go to a eDEN Corporation—a tech start-up that fell out of preference with many universe governments decades ago—and a drones are now mining a bomb vegetable Bavarium from several collection of a island. Rico will have to lane a drones to their airbase located off a coast, stop eDEN from murdering any some-more civilians, and force them to stop their mining operation.

In sequence for Rico to improved an rivalry that defies gravity, he’ll have to do a same. So, Tom provides him with a new Bavarium-powered wingsuit. The fit is indeed some-more same to a jetpack, giving Rico upwards boost that recharges when he levels out for a brief time pleasantness of a tangible wing partial of a suit, and also straps a rocket launcher and appurtenance gun to Rico’s back, creation him some-more warrior jet than wingsuiter unequivocally during that point.


Just Cause has never been famous for a good story. Like french fries portion as vessels for several sauces, a lax account around Just Cause games is only an forgive to blow adult as most things as possible. The Sky Fortress DLC is no different, centered on demolishing drones and a suggested airship that eDEN Corporation is formed out of. As epic as that might sound, unfortunately, it all falls surprisingly flat, generally in a shade of a categorical game.

All told, we kick a entirety of Sky Fortress, discretionary side missions included, in about 90 minutes. That means if we focused only on a account content, you’d substantially be looking during an knowledge that clocks in during an hour long, if you’re lucky. Three categorical missions, 4 outposts to liberate, 4 Bavarium wingsuit oriented challenges, and afterwards hurl a credits again. Avalanche Studios couldn’t even be worried to give us full cutscenes. Instead, we get what amounts to a few pieces of judgment art stills of a categorical characters with voiceover dubbed over it.

One tiny saving beauty for Sky Fortress at slightest is that we can lift over your new wingsuit and a integrate of new guns over to a categorical diversion if we haven’t beaten it yet. And if you’re only removing started in Just Cause 3, a DLC missions clear about one-third of a approach by a primary campaign, definition you’ll be even improved versed to overpower General Di Ravello and his army. Just like a miss of calm clinging to your new toys, however, there’s an hapless locate that comes with all of this.


For as fun as it is to fly roughly limitlessly around a hugely destructible open-world with a rocket launcher strapped to your back, a Bavarium wingsuit also creates your aged collection roughly zero and void. Why worry with a parachute when we can atmosphere stop and come to a soothing landing? Why worry about how many rockets Rico can lift when we have an total supply when flying? And because even worry with a grappling offshoot when we can literally soar from indicate A to indicate B both plumb and horizontally now?

The Bavarium wingsuit takes divided any arrange of plea for a game. There’s even a tub hurl scheme when flying, that breaks all barb thatch on you. This means it’ll be nearby unfit for we to ever take repairs as prolonged as we keep moving. It is fundamentally like branch on God mode and removes a tiny ability it once compulsory to get around and destroy things in a game. Just Cause has never been a punishing game, though a tiny bit of plea can go a prolonged approach to carrying a good time, and this new wingsuit snuffs that out flattering swiftly.

Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress DLC sounds extraordinary when we demeanour during what it entails. But from a second it begins, it comes off some-more as a fast thrown together arms container than a entirely fleshed-out expansion. It is hold loosely together by minimal content, and mitigates what already exists in a categorical game. There’s zero inherently damaged about what Sky Fortress does, though it adds so tiny to a altogether knowledge of Just Cause 3 that you’d be only as good off if we had never played it during all.



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