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Is Xbox nixing a thought of VR on Project Scorpio?

The Project Scorpio website recently took down all mentions of practical reality.

Spotted by a penetrating eyes over during NeoGAF, Microsoft has private “hi-fidelity VR” from a list of facilities enclosed with Project Scorpio. Alongside 4K gaming, practical existence was one of a incomparable facilities that a puzzling Xbox expansion was ostensible to support. In response to concern rising from a open over a dismissal of a line-item, Microsoft supposing GameSpot with a statement.

“When Project Scorpio ships after this year it will be a many absolute console ever built with a 6 teraflop GPU to broach loyal 4K gaming, high-fidelity VR experiences, and larger striking fidelity,” a response read. “We have zero additional to share during this time.”

So, there will be VR, though we don’t know how large of a purpose it will play. Interesting. Perhaps with a muted response to a PlayStation VR, Microsoft has motionless to concentration on other facilities more. We’ll only have to wait and see.

Project Scorpio is slated to arrive holiday 2017.

Source: NeoGAF

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