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Injustice 2 beta sign-ups live right now—find out how to get in

Can’t wait another 4 months to get your hands on Injustice 2? Then you’re in luck. NetherRealm Studios has only announced that a beta is on a way.

The beta was teased by NetherRealm studio conduct Ed Boon, who posted an picture on Twitter of a array of letters in a Greek alphabet. One—the minute beta—was conspicuously missing, as Boon forked out.

Then, a tangible page for a Injustice 2 beta went live over on a game’s central website. There’s no denote nonetheless of when a beta will go live, though we can take your collect of possibly a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 beta.

It’s also not transparent nonetheless what calm will be in a beta, though this week has introduced a few options entrance to a final diversion that might make an appearance. Various editions of a diversion will embody “Premier Skins,” that totally renovate a demeanour of a character, and new register additions were also suggested in a story trailer.

The full chronicle of Injustice 2 releases on May 16th for a Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sign-ups for a beta are live from a game’s site here.

Source: Injustice.com

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