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Injustice 2 beta now live for a propitious few—find out if we got in

Netherrealm Studios has started promulgation out a initial call of invites to a Injustice 2 beta.

The launch of a sealed beta was announced on a many new Watchtower livestream on Twitch, with codes going out to those who sealed adult previously. Ed Boon also steady a news on Twitter for those not examination a tide live.

The beta will embody online play and a grand sum of 4 playable characters, nonetheless Netherrealm didn’t mention that 4 characters done a cut for a roster, nonetheless given a characters shown on a stream, it appears Batman and Atrocitus will be dual of them.

The new rigging complement is also going to be on full arrangement during a beta, with new rigging being rolled for both a winners and a losers of any compare to concede beta participants to exam out a customization fully. Five loadout slots will be accessible for any character, permitting we to simply barter between opposite setups.

This includes a dual new ability slots, that let we supplement or reinstate special moves on a sold character. The instance given on tide was Batman’s Air-to-Air Batarang, that replaces a Scatter Bomb special for players who wish to urge Batman’s zoning abilities. More absolute rigging will infrequently need both ability slots to equip, so you’ll need to devise carefully.

If we didn’t make it into this initial call of a beta, Ed Boon pronounced to rest positive that a beta will be flourishing in a entrance days, so don’t be disheartened. Check your inbox to see if you’ve done a cut.

There’s no word nonetheless on when a beta will be jacket up.

Injustice 2 arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 May 16th.

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