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How to get into Paragon’s Stress Test Weekends


So far, entrance to Epic’s arriving title, Paragon, has been singular to a propitious or those who pre-ordered. Now, however, there are some-more options to get your hands on a third-person MOBA.

Starting on Apr 28th, dual “stress test” weekends have been announced. These weekends will concede Epic to exam out a servers for Paragon, and make certain that they can hoop large amounts of players competing during a same time. The initial of these weekends will run from Apr 28th until May 1st.

The initial weekend will be open to people who sealed adult for a beta on Paragon‘s website. Invites for a initial weekend will be sent around email to a initial half-million people, giving Epic a good sense of how their servers reason adult before a second weekend, May 5th through May 8th, where all players who pointer adult for a beta will be invited to enter a battlefields of Agora.

If you’re already a Paragon Early Access member, Epic has enclosed some perks for we as well. During a highlight exam weekends, all players will get double experience, permitting them to some-more fast clear label packs and benefit entrance to new Master Challenges.

Paragon is now in Early Access on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Epic Games

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